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About Renewable Energy

The aims of the association are:

-To promote the establishment a viable Ocean Energy Industry in Ireland.

-To promote the industry to private equity investors.

-To collaborate resources and agree best development protocols.

-To address the imbalance between public monies available for academic research and that available to industry.

-To achieve better terms for our members for access to facilities and research.

-To develop a 1/15th scale test site to complement existing Irish infrastructures that will address problems at an early stage before proceeding to the 1/4 scale Galway Bay site.

Considerable amounts of public monies have been spent on developing laboratory test facilities and ocean test sites in Ireland. 

This money will be wasted if Irish developers remain underfunded and unable to develop devices to be tested in these facilities. 

With proper investment, government support and the help of research institutions we can create an Irish based global industry employing many thousands of people, while making a huge contribution to the economy and enable Ireland to reach its renewable energy targets.