Limerick Wave Ltd

Limerick Wave Ltd.

Limerick Wave Ltd have developed a mechanical power take off (PTO) mechanism that converts the motion of the waves to electrical power.

Wave Energy Converter (WEC)

The Limerick Wave PTO technology is suited to any WEC device that captures the two way motion of the waves. This two way motion is mechanically converted into one direction to drive an electrical generator that along with the PTO is protected from the harsh environment of the sea.


The PTO technology is designed to harness energy from the ocean. It can either be moored to the seabed or positioned above the water.

The PTO mechanism devised by Limerick Wave uses a combination of existing technologies that include a gearbox and a flywheel. This arrangement eliminates the problems experienced through the use of hydraulic oil, as the only oil used in this array is used in the gearbox to prevent the gears from sticking or overheating. According to HMRC (2011) the flywheel produces smooth energy, with an output standard deviation output of 15% (maximum) from a 60% (maximum) input standard deviation and a maximum efficiency of 74%. Over travel is something that most WEC experience difficulties with, this not an issue for Limerick Wave’s power take off unit as the device was designed to rotate 360° with no end stop required, ensuring limited damage to the PTO system during rough seas.

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